Silencing a Prophet

Freedom of expression under fire; A Christmas Amber Alert

Silencing a Prophet
Freedom of expression under fire.

Duck Dynasty’s big daddy
has been silenced for his faith
and for voicing words of Scripture to GQ.
He’s been labeled an extremist
and removed from A & E
for expressing what he feels God says to do.

Must a Christian duck for cover
when blindsided by the press
taking aim at what the Bible claims is true?
Has our freedom of expression
been shot down and left for dead?
Lord, have mercy! What’s a moral man to do?

A Christmas Amber Alert
Baby Jesus is missing

In this season of red and green
an Amber Alert has been issued.
A child is missing!

He’s been removed from his rightful place
and kidnapped by a culture that considers him
politically incorrect.

Sadly, not many are searching for him
amid the madness at the mall.
His absence is not on the radar of most.
Shoppers are in search of gifts.
Merchants are seeking shoppers.

Children are looking for Santa.
Public school teachers are trying to find
holiday legends and songs that celebrate a season
neutered of its essence.
Meanwhile, their principals are focused on
uncovering Christmas decorations
that (ironically) should never be allowed
out of the closet.

Atheists are on the lookout
for Christmas trees at city hall
and creches at the courthouse.
I’m actually hoping they find one
for then they will find evidence
that will point to the missing child.

Yes, that baby in the cradle…
that infant in the straw…
(that one helpless newborn
worshipped by three kings)
is the one who has been taken
and held hostage
and left for dead
by the blind who cannot see
he offers life!