Dear Abbey, Downton’s Done

A faithful viewer vents his gripe; A Worn Out Welcome

Dear Abbey, Downton’s Done
A faithful viewer vents his gripes

Dear Abbey,
Now that Downton’s done,
my Sunday nights won’t be much fun.
Why must I wait ten grueling months
to get my Grantham fix?

I’ve come to be feel at home you see
with Britain’s aristocracy.
This Peyton Place of bygone years
is quality TV.

Upstairs, downstairs, in-between.
The haves and have-nots, kind and mean,
observe (and push against) the norms
of life the way it was.

And, Abbey, I just need to vent
because I’m feeling discontent.
It seems unfair to wait so long
since seasons are so short.

A Worn Out Welcome
Old Man Winter’s stayed too long

This houseguest’s over-stayed his welcome.
It’s time for him to go.
Yes, Old Man Winter’s stayed too long.
We hate his cold and snow.

It feels just like Siberia.
The lakes and rivers freeze.
His rude behavior at our place
has brought us to our knees.

We’re praying he will pack his bags
and leave our home at last.
We’re sick and tired being held
within his frigid grasp.