Let’s Give it Up for Lent!

Slowing down to fast

“So what will you be giving up?”
the pastor asked his flock.
“A Lenten fast can firm-up flabby souls.
Our self-indulgent comforts
interfere with keeping fit.
They can undermine our long term godly goals.

“A Facebook fast on Sundays
might provide the space you need
to face challenges revealed within God’s book.
Or to go without your smartphone
after dinner isn’t dumb
so to read some Oswald Chambers on your Nook.

“And what about that glass of wine
you sip most every night?
Could you forgo that pleasure for six weeks?
Could you replace that Cabernet
by swallowing your pride
and listening in silence as God speaks?

“Or maybe what you need to do
is not as obvious
as giving up your Starbucks or ice cream.
Perhaps what you need give up most
is not some thing… but you.
Let Jesus own your heart and all your dreams.”