A May Prayer

Do-able options for the coming month

May you discover in this month
that Easter’s not a day,
but rather it’s a way of life
by which faith learns to play!

May you experience the joy
just knowing Jesus lives!
May you not fear what’s still to come
but trust a God who gives.

May you determine to give thanks
for all that’s going right.
May you look past another’s wrong
so you’ll sleep well at night.

May you dust for God’s fingerprints
in all that springtime brings:
a flow’ring shrub, a fragrant rose,
the tune a songbird sings.

May you decide to make a friend
of someone you don’t know.
May you mend frayed relationships
although you cannot sew.

May you delight in getting fit
by walking every day.
May you eat what is good for you
and chart how much you weigh.

May you take time to talk to God
and then to contemplate
the ways the Lord has answered prayer
with “Yes” and “No” and “Wait!”

May you begin each day this month
by reading from God’s Word
and listening expectantly
for what the ancients heard.

May you unwrap each day as if
the present is a gift.
And may God’s presence grant you peace
and give your soul a lift.