The Mother of All Nurturers

A Mothers Day tribute; The Guilty is Set Free

The Mother of All Nurturers
A Mothers Day tribute

To the mother of all nurturers
I proudly tip my cap.
My mom is still the wind beneath my wings.
From the time I was a baby
she has whispered “Yes, you can!”
And so with words that rhyme, her praise I sing.

When those bullies on the playground
pushed me down or bruised my pride,
when I was cut and didn’t make the team,
my mother would remind me
that while feelings can be hurt
rejection isn’t always what it seems.

“When a door is closed,” my mom would say
“a window opens up.”
And “the nos of life prepare us to hear yes.
She would help me see that God’s at work
when I can?t see His hand
and that average is okay when it’s my best.

Mom would tell me I was gifted
long before I had a glimpse
of the talents I’d been given to succeed.
When the self-doubt demons stalked me,
my mother drove them out
and encouraged me to simply just believe.

Now the mother of all nurturers
needs nurturing herself.
Mom is struggling and longs to know she’s loved.
She forgets that I have called her
and misplaces cards I’ve sent
to remind her she’s the one I’m thinking of.

Lord, please help my little mother
as she drifts to sleep at night
to have dreams that celebrate her sense of worth.
May she also sense Your presence
and the comfort of Your peace.
Please sustain this one who’s nurtured me from birth.

The Guilty is Set Free
Alesson in redemption from the headlines

Though guilty,
he’s forgiven
of the debt he rightly owed.
A gracious judge has set the prisoner free.
The Law’s demand was satisfied.
His debt was paid in full.
That headline sounds
quite biblical to me.

A new birth
some might call it.
The old has passed away.
The prisoner is quite different through and through.
God’s grace means new beginnings.
What’s “amazing” can redeem
that ex-con in Missouri
(also you).