Finding Courage When Tragedy Strikes

Reflecting on the shooting spree at my alma mater

God remains our source of courage
when we’re traumatized by terror.
When we’re haunted by the headlines
and the violence everywhere.

Hear God whisper in the silence,
“Don’t despair, I’m in control.
Hurting hearts and broken cities
will at last one day be whole.”

God can feel the pain of suffering
when our hearts leak like a sieve.
When collegians in their classroom
are denied their right to live.

Then God whispers in the silence,
“Since I lost my only Son,
I can comfort grieving parents
’til my Kingdom fully comes.”

God invites us to be trusting
when we find that faith is hard.
When we’re fearful for our safety
and our nerves are frayed or jarred.

Still God whispers in the silence,
“Even when your faith is weak,
I will keep your feet from stumbling
when your way is dark and bleak.”