A Well-Deserved Day

A tribute to our fathers; Longing to Hear “I Love You”

A Well-Deserved Day
A tribute to our fathers

This day for dads is well deserved
for fathers rarely find
the honor they have earned in little ways.
Those late night chats and morning hikes
when wisdom was dispensed.
And going to your games on Saturdays,

The one who bought you your first car
and taught you how to save
invested in your adolescent dreams.
He spent both time and money
making sure you could compete
in the corporate world or on a college team.

On Fathers Day you have the chance
to calculate the cost
your dad incurred while fitting you with wings.
It is a day for saying thanks
acknowledging your debt
for all he’s done that cause your heart to sing.

Longing to Hear “I Love You”
Looking beyond Dad’s lips to his heart

When his love was more acted than spoken,
when duty wore work clothes each day,
when pride in his offspring rode shotgun,
his heart spoke what words didn’t say.

Dad’s neighbors and friends can remember
his small acts of kindness and care.
His word became flesh (love with skin on)
as he found ways to help out and share.

Like those orchards surrounding Wenatchee,
what is picked is the proof of what grows.
Dad’s love, like a honeycrisp apple,
was both shiny and sweet and it showed.