Paul’s Brand of Faith

A tribute to Dr. Paul Brand on the 100th anniversary of his birth

Paul Brand’s brand of Christian faith
was not the common kind,
but it’s the brand that this world dearly needs.
Denying self, Paul gave himself
to serve the hurt he found
and in the process proved how love succeeds.

His mind and heart were joined as one.
He had no need to choose.
His thinking faith was not afraid to seek.
And Paul was moved by what he learned
and cared for those in pain
who saw him as a savior of the weak.

In India, Paul made his mark
with instruments by which
he healed the sick and left a legacy.
Like Jesus, he was not put off
by those ignored by most.
He welcomed those beset by leprosy.

The brand of faith of Doctor Paul
still calls to doubting hearts.
It draws the one who claims a seeking mind.
It is a brand that focuses
on loving folks to God
through acts of mercy and by being kind.

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