The War to End All Wars

What began 100 years ago was anything but

It was the war to end all wars.
That is what it was called,
but it was far from that as we all know.
The bloodshed that stained Europe,
that deprived moms of their sons,
began this week a hundred years ago.

The “Great War” was deceiving
for it proved to be a lie.
In less than thirty years another war
was waged to conquer Hitler
and Japan’s grand emperor
as our planet reeled in anguish shore to shore.

And don’t forget Korea,
Vietnam and Desert Storm
and then Iraq and now Afghanistan.
Our sinful world can’t help it.
It is bent on starting wars
’til we bend the knee before the Son of Man.

Like the birth pangs of a woman
whose contractions spell the end,
Jesus said the threat of conflicts will increase.
But the future God has promised
will emerge with cries of joy
as a world beset by war embraces peace.