Happy Birthday Smokey

The famous firefighting bear turns seventy!

The candles on his birthday cake
could start a forest fire.
But that would break my dear friend Smokey’s heart.
Since August 1944
he’s worn his ranger hat
convincing us that we must do our part
protecting forests where we live
and campsites where we tent.
He knows the devastation fire can cause.
A spark left unattended
can become a wild blaze
when we ignore ol’ Smokey’s safety laws.
On this his milestone birthday
it’s ironic and it’s sad
that wild fires still are burning strong.
Way out west the firefighters
risk their lives to douse the flames
that have ravaged towns and forests far too long.
Let us pray for all impacted,
those who fight and those who grieve
having lost their homes and livestock and their hope.
Yes, these hurting folks need knowing
there’s a God who understands
and can give them peace of mind so they can cope.