America’s Got Talent

And I don’t just mean on television

“America’s Got Talent”
unifies our God-blest land
as we watch each week with family in our homes.
Just like Ted Mack and Major Bowes,
this talent search reveals
the fruit of hours spent practicing alone.

But the talent in America
extends beyond TV.
It is seen wherever older folks reside.
The talent that I’m speaking of
is Grandma Sonya’s voice
or one arm push-ups that are Bert Pound’s pride.

And don’t forget Ruth Eckels
whose dramatic flair inspires
or Grandpa Warren’s awesome sleight of hand.
There is Robin Hays’ saw playing
and Dwight’s accordion
and the “Antique Kids” who dance without a band.

There’s also Joe’s wood carving
and Fern’s needle pulling thread.
Oh, how Nancy’s photos capture Nature’s glow.
To Owen’s watercolors,
add Miss Nina’s poetry.
I can’t believe the gifts of these I know.

Yes, America’s got talent
and too often we forget
the seniors who still have so much to give.
By example they can teach us
and the skills that they possess
will inspire us to start to really live.