Resurrection in Seattle

The Seahawks’ miraculous return from the dead

Did you watch that game last Sunday
‘tween the Seahawks and Green Bay?
It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
Sure defeat gave way to victory.
Sorrow turned to happiness.
The black of mourning morphed to blue and green.

Some called it ‘resurrection.’
The Hawks were good as dead.
Three minutes left and two touchdowns behind.
The hometown fans were leaving.
Hope was gone, the end in sight.
It was clear the winds of fate would not be kind.

And then without a fanfare,
hope returned. The Hawks found life
and they reached the end zone twice in record time.
In a miracle reversal
grief surrendered to great joy.
An onside kick became a sacred sign.

Then “the twelves” sang victory’s praises.
What a choir! What delight!
It was like Good Friday turned to Easter morn.
In a game that’s for the ages,
there’s a metaphor of faith
when a lifeless dream that’s buried is reborn.