A Family in Crisis

How culture’s values are impacting the Church

There’s a family I’m aware of
that is facing what (I fear)
could result in broken hearts and fractured ties.
Siblings of a common mother
through the years have grown apart
and have found themselves defending different sides.

Failed attempts to forge consensus
have resulted in distrust
while the parents grieve a unity that’s lost.
Children raised to love each other
(and to value what is true)
seem oblivious to what this rift will cost.

Lord, have mercy when compassion
clouds the means to understand
the holiness Your sacred Word avows.
Help Your Church resist the pressure
to cave-in to cultures lies
and to claim as truth what Justices allow.

In this struggle, Lord, please use me
as an agent of Your grace
so this family that I love will not divide.
Through humility and kindness
may I listen more than speak
as I feel the pain that’s felt on either side.