The Joy of Unconditional Love

What the original 12th Man promises

The Seahawks fans are called a name
describing who they are.
They cheer their team who scrimmage on the field.
They’re called the 12th Man for their role
is offering their love
when times are good or when their doom is sealed.

But long before the Seahawks played
a 12th Man made some noise
to help His team stay focused on their goal.
Persistently He persevered
and pledged His loyalty
to help the ones He loved pay victory’s toll.

An upper room, a pre-game meal,
this 12th Man voiced support.
His stood beside eleven on His team.
Through pain or gain He proved His love.
He washed His players feet
while laying down His life to serve their dream.

He called them servants, scrubbed their pride
and huddled them to hear
instructions for one last decisive play.
And then He cheered their progress
from a rugged Roman cross
on what would prove a not-so-Good Friday.

On Sunday night behind locked doors
His team was feeling down
convinced their lofty cause was surely doomed.
This 12th Man showed up unannounced
and filled their hearts with hope
within that dark and lifeless upper room.

He praised their purpose, gave them heart 
and wouldn’t let them quit.
He gave them hope to hold on to the end.
This 12th Man proved His loyalty
in good times and as bad
and sent them on a mission as His friends.