Bloody Sunday Remembered

Looking back at Selma fifty years later

When Barry was a boy of three
the Selma March made history.
Our nation’s first black President
could not have then conceived
how much that Bloody Sunday nailed
the plight of those unjustly jailed.
Barack would only later see
the milepost it was.

That march would help to bridge a gap
in which young gifted blacks were trapped.
It blazed a trail through “no man’s land”
to reach a voting booth.

The march of progress has been slow
and there is still so far to go.
In spite of strides we all have made,
God weeps at what He sees.

Yes, after half a century
a King’s dream of equality
remains a nightmare haunting those
who long for righteousness.

Through what I do and what I say,
Lord, may I be a bridge today
providing love the means to walk
with freedom, grace and hope.

* In case you didn’t get to watch our President’s speech in Selma, here’s a link. What “Ask not what your country can do for you” was for JFK, Selma was for Obama.