The Gospel According to Spring

Mother Nature’s annual Easter sermon; Blackberry Jam

The Gospel According to Spring
Mother Nature’s annual Easter Sermon

It was as if somebody died.
For three months we have grieved.
We’ve mourned for flowers dead and gone
and trees that lost their leaves.

The gloom of winter gripped our hearts
as Boston caved to snow.
Our frozen lawns were lifeless brown.
Our plants refused to grow.

Death’s shadow fell across the land.
We sorrowed for our loss.
The toll of winter just won’t quit
exacting quite a cost.

But come this weekend life bursts forth
from winter’s icy grave.
Spring is creation’s metaphor
for One who came to save.

Spring pictures resurrection truth.
Yes, death has been defeated
because God’s plan to prove His love
outrageously succeeded.

Blackberry Jam
Hilary’s not-so-smart phone use

Hilary is in a jam.
Her Blackberry’s to blame.
Her hands are stained and now the gloves are off.
The media has picked a fight.
Both parties have joined in
and Mrs. Clinton’s found the going rough.

Her knees are buckling jelly-like.
She stands, but can she run?
This email scandal could derail her dream.
Her smart phone tactics were quite dumb.
She put us all at risk.
No wonder her chief critics are quite steamed.