Rain, Rain, Go Away

A prayer for Texans in need of Noah’s ark

When it rains and keeps on raining
and there’s no real end in sight
there is flooding and the death toll starts to rise.
While the dreaded drought is over,
what was bad gives way to worse.
It’s no wonder Texans gaze toward the skies.

Yes, their highways are like rivers.
Gushing waters flood their towns.
Homes and hopes are (without warning) swept away.
Rains of Biblical proportion
find folks drawn to Noah’s ark
as they kneel down on the soggy ground to pray.

Lord, please part the clouds. Have mercy!
Change the pattern of these storms.
Grant an upper atmospheric pressure shift.
May evaporation hasten.
May the makeshift lakes recede.
Give the drenched a needed faith-inspired lift.

Unearthing Forgotten Memories

Suggestions for Memorial Day

Their chiseled names are growing smooth.
The grass and weeds unmown.
These graveyards rarely visited
hide heroes barely known.

The mem’ries of these patriots
who died to keep us free
must be unearthed and called to mind
from sea to shining sea.

This weekend is a perfect time
to stroll among old graves.
Saluting courage of the past
will help us to be brave.

Seek out the places time forgot.
Go plant a tiny flag.
Remembering keeps faith alive
so Liberty can brag.

Christianity in Crisis

Will the American church survive?

Time was when Europe was the heart
of Christianity.
The pulse of those embracing Christ was strong.
The ancient stone cathedrals
were alive with praying souls
and choirs who expressed their faith in song.

But over time these churches
with stained windows that inspired
evolved into museums of the past.
The culture (deaf to Scripture)
signed a language of its own.
It was cold to God as iron that is cast.

And now within our nation
something similar is seen.
What the Bible claims as truth is disavowed.
Growing churches aren’t as common
and those dying reach for straws
as they redefine what righteousness allows.

Can this tragic trend be countered?
Will we turn to God again?
Is our prayer that He will bless us just a song?
Have we turned our backs forever
on the One we claimed to trust?
Or will we repent from tolerating wrong?

The jury is still out!


The Queen

A Mothers Day tribute to my mom

She claims no throne.
She wears no crown.
Her place is not a palace.
Her dinnerware is not pure gold.
Her cup is not a chalice.

But she’s a queen
and nothing less.
Her Majesty’s my mother.
She’s ruled my heart
since I was born.
I love her like no other.

Her Highness
is stooped low by years.
Her memory is fading.
But she can brighten up a room.
She’s known for entertaining.

She pines for her departed prince.
Her kingdom is diminished.
A fog of grief now clouds her reign.
On dark days she feels finished.

I ache to see her struggle so
maneuvering her walker.
I hurt inside recalling times
I disobeyed and mocked her.

My selfish teenage attitude
ignored the grace she modeled.
I carelessly dismissed her charm
demanding to be coddled.

The pain I caused my little mom
through brutish misbehavior
she overlooked forgiving me
much like her precious Savior.

I know this queen who gave me life
will one day pass away
and so I laud her for her love
on this her special day!

The Game Nobody Saw

Oh, say you can’t see

A game was played in Camden Yards
that no one came to see.
They wouldn’t let the fans inside the park.
The tension back in Baltimore
had reached a fevered pitch
resulting in a curfew before dark.

I wonder if they sang the song
preceding every game.
That song a flag in Baltimore inspired.
I’m guessing that they didn’t
for no one could sing along
because of what some violent thugs conspired.

The pitcher threw and no one watched.
Nobody cheered the hits.
And no one booed the umps for sketchy calls.
It must have been quite eerie
to compete without a crowd
and all because of fears of racial brawls.

Let’s hope this is the last time
that the fans are not allowed
to enjoy a game intended for their fun.
Let’s stand up to injustice
and eject him from the field.
Let’s rid our cities of unlicensed guns.

** http://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/sports/mlb/2015/04/29/a-day-without-fans-at-camden-yards/26576627/