The Game Nobody Saw

Oh, say you can’t see

A game was played in Camden Yards
that no one came to see.
They wouldn’t let the fans inside the park.
The tension back in Baltimore
had reached a fevered pitch
resulting in a curfew before dark.

I wonder if they sang the song
preceding every game.
That song a flag in Baltimore inspired.
I’m guessing that they didn’t
for no one could sing along
because of what some violent thugs conspired.

The pitcher threw and no one watched.
Nobody cheered the hits.
And no one booed the umps for sketchy calls.
It must have been quite eerie
to compete without a crowd
and all because of fears of racial brawls.

Let’s hope this is the last time
that the fans are not allowed
to enjoy a game intended for their fun.
Let’s stand up to injustice
and eject him from the field.
Let’s rid our cities of unlicensed guns.