The Queen

A Mothers Day tribute to my mom

She claims no throne.
She wears no crown.
Her place is not a palace.
Her dinnerware is not pure gold.
Her cup is not a chalice.

But she’s a queen
and nothing less.
Her Majesty’s my mother.
She’s ruled my heart
since I was born.
I love her like no other.

Her Highness
is stooped low by years.
Her memory is fading.
But she can brighten up a room.
She’s known for entertaining.

She pines for her departed prince.
Her kingdom is diminished.
A fog of grief now clouds her reign.
On dark days she feels finished.

I ache to see her struggle so
maneuvering her walker.
I hurt inside recalling times
I disobeyed and mocked her.

My selfish teenage attitude
ignored the grace she modeled.
I carelessly dismissed her charm
demanding to be coddled.

The pain I caused my little mom
through brutish misbehavior
she overlooked forgiving me
much like her precious Savior.

I know this queen who gave me life
will one day pass away
and so I laud her for her love
on this her special day!