Christianity in Crisis

Will the American church survive?

Time was when Europe was the heart
of Christianity.
The pulse of those embracing Christ was strong.
The ancient stone cathedrals
were alive with praying souls
and choirs who expressed their faith in song.

But over time these churches
with stained windows that inspired
evolved into museums of the past.
The culture (deaf to Scripture)
signed a language of its own.
It was cold to God as iron that is cast.

And now within our nation
something similar is seen.
What the Bible claims as truth is disavowed.
Growing churches aren’t as common
and those dying reach for straws
as they redefine what righteousness allows.

Can this tragic trend be countered?
Will we turn to God again?
Is our prayer that He will bless us just a song?
Have we turned our backs forever
on the One we claimed to trust?
Or will we repent from tolerating wrong?

The jury is still out!