Operation Christmas Child

The big truth behind the little baby

It would take an operation.
Twas a life and death affair.
The problem was a terminal disease.
Adam’s offspring was infected
and there was but one known cure.
A blood transfusion was the only key.

A Child born at Christmas
long ago and far away
would provide the only antidote for sin.
Placed within a small container,
He was God’s most precious gift given
to a world infected from within.

This small Child grew to manhood
without guile, shame or guilt.
He then sacrificed his life for you and me.
And the blood He shed infuses
what alone can truly heal
so to guarantee we’ll live eternally.

Now at Christmas we send boxes
to poor children overseas
to surprise them with a picture of God’s grace.
As they hear salvation’s story
and then open up their gift,
you can see the joy of Jesus on each face.