In One Year and Out the Other

A New Year’s Eve prayer

In one year and out the other.
Time just always seems to fly
for the life we’re given isn’t very long.
And lest we choose to change routines,
we’ll waste God’s greatest gift.
Yes, today’s a chance to right regrets and wrongs.

In one year and out the other.
There is oh so much to grasp
for life’s Teflon-coated truths don’t always stick.
The lessons God would have us learn
(like time) can fly away.
So, today’s a chance to light a flameless wick.

In one year and out the other.
All our days turn into months.
And before long we are singing “Auld Lang Syne.”
This New Year’s Eve (like last year)
is a wake-up call of sorts.
And today’s a chance make the most of time.

In one year and out the other.
Life is fragile. It is brief.
We are closer to our death than to our birth.
Lord, please help us be deliberate
in the way we spend this year
for today’s a chance to calibrate its worth.