A Prayer for Orlando

Asking God’s help in light of a national tragedy

Lord, have mercy!
Christ, have mercy!
God, we need Your help.

As last Sunday dawned,
Orlando awakened to a nightmare
in a nightclub.

Half a hundred lives are lost.
Scores more wounded and bleeding
need Your presence, Father.

The sun shone but darkness reigns.
Morning had broken on a shattered city
fragmented by fear and anger.
Shards of pain are evidence
of the grim reality
that terror never sleeps.

In the shadow of Disney World
(the happiest place on earth),
there is a world of hurt.
Sadness has eclipsed the light of day.
The Magic Kingdom of make-believe
is no replacement for a Kingdom of peace
that only You can bring.

Even so, come Lord Jesus!
Comfort the grieving.
Envelop the fearful.
Heal the broken.
Lift the fallen.
Dry the tears of a city that weeps.

May Your Church truly be Your Body embodying…
A heart that breaks for the victims.
Eyes that see hope in the midst of despair.
Arms that carry the wounded.
Hands that hold the hurting.
Legs that stand up for justice.
Feet that run after peace.

Lord, have mercy!
Christ, have mercy!
God, we need Your help!