A Fathers Day Toast

Celebrating the difference dads make in their kids’ lives

I raise my glass and make a toast
to all you dads whose children boast
about your wisdom and your wit
that shaped their lives for good.

Although not-perfect, you dads made
a difference in your kids who played
on vacant lots and backyard swings
or sitting on the floor.

You listened to their hurting hearts
when what they clung to broke apart.
You rubbed their backs as if to say,
“I hope you know I care!”

You doubted you had been enough
when they rebelled when life was tough.
But God gave you the means to give
your kids into His hands.

You gave them space to spread their wings.
And when they felt how failure stings,
you reassured them you were there
to help them fly again.

You asked forgiveness when you failed
and proved that love is what prevailed
when all was said and all was done
and all was not enough.

You helped your children picture God
as one whose shoulders are quite broad
who loves just like a father does.
Forgiving. Trusting. True.