A Prayer for Us

Asking God to heal our divided nation

When the innocent are slaughtered
and the rage of hate takes aim,
it’s clear to see that prejudice prevails.
Yes, our nation is divided
by deep wounds that haven’t healed.
If you listen you can hear a mother’s wail.

While it’s true that black lives matter,
we must dialogue with words
that are not as apt to trigger and incite.
We must also own our bias
and confess that we’ve been wrong.
That’s the only way our country can unite.

Please unite Your children, Father.
We’re divided, spewing hate.
As a country, we are polarized by fear.
The protests in our cities
demonstrate our need to heal
and our hopes and dreams to claim what You hold dear.

Help us live and love like Jesus
though it may mean we are shunned
by the bigots who insist that they are right.
Rid the wrong that blurs our focus
and impacts the way we see.
End the blindness of our nation’s endless night.