The Gospel According to Eight Ball

The key to life is found in the center of the rack

Within the middle of the rack
there is one special ball
that has a certain power all its own.
But if pocketed too early,
there’s a penalty to pay.
It’s the ball by which this billiard game is known.

The eight ball is the Lord of all
deserving of respect.
Unlike the stripes and solids, it is king.
By virtue of its right to reign,
this ball dictates the rules.
And those who follow them have right to sing.

The one who wins at last confronts
the eight ball with the cue
and makes the orb of black his final aim.
By honoring its presence,
what is last gives way to first.
Without that ball you cannot win the game.

In life, Christ is the eight ball.
He’s unique unlike the rest.
When we disregard His right to rule, we lose.
But by honoring His order,
we can make the Lord our aim.
That encounter is our purpose. It’s Good News!