The Twenty-third Psalm (Hawaiian style)

A tropical reminder of God’s guidance

The Lord is my oarsman.
He steers my canoe
and paddles me safely to shore.
He whispers aloha
and calls me by name
while pointing to what lies in store.

The palm trees that sway
and the tropical breeze
picture all that awaits when I die.
Such beauty, refreshment,
contentment and peace.
And pleasure that money can’t buy.

And though I may falter,
and fall on my face,
the Lord walks with me in the sand.
His goodness surrounds me
and steadies my step.
His mercy will help me to stand.

He bids me draw close,
drapes a lei round my neck
and tells me I’ve nothing to fear.
“I’ll never forsake you.
I’ll always provide
and I promise I’ll always be near.”