Diversity University

It’s where we learn to accept others

Diversity University
is a process not a place.
It’s the school that we attend our whole life long.
It’s the classroom where we must unlearn
the lies that we were taught
when as children we accepted what was wrong.

Diversity University
helps us read another’s eyes
and then study what is written on their face.
It’s where we confront our bias
and do homework on our own
as we reflect on God’s amazing grace.

Diversity University
is the means by which we grow
to become the person God meant us to be.
It’s where we accept our classmates
as deserving to be loved
while we celebrate the right to disagree.

Diversity University
is challenging for sure.
It’s the hardest college anyone attends.
To make the grade you swallow pride
and sip humility.
It’s a learning process that just never ends.

* This poem was written for the Diversity Awareness Partners at Covenant Shores Retirement Community on Mercer Island, Washington.