A Prayer for the President-Elect

A new hymn text to a time-honored tune

God, bless our President and those elected
who seek to lead one nation under You.
Give them the grace to lead while serving others
denying self in everything they do.
Grant them the courage to stand up to terror
protecting both the masses and the few.

God, bless our President and bless his family
who recognize the spotlight they now face.
Grant them protection from those who oppose them.
Help them to rest from such a grueling race.
Give them the will to model godly standards
and help them trust in Your amazing grace.

God, bless our President with needed wisdom
as he considers options far and near.
Infuse him with uncanny comprehension
that he might calm us from the things we fear.
Give him the confidence to pray believing
that when he seeks Your face You always hear.

* the above text can be sung to the familiar hymn tune “FINLANDIA”