An Advent Prayer

New lyrics to an ancient Advent hymn

O come Befriender of the lonely soul
and fill their emptiness until it’s full.
Stand by the grieving as they weep
and walk with them although their path is steep.
Rejoice, rejoice, our Friend who knows our plight
and be to us a candle in the night.

O come Defender of the working poor
and give them what they need (and then some more).
Provide them with the means and way
to give their children toys with which to play.
Rejoice, rejoice, our only sure defense
and comfort those whose burdens are intense.

O come Redeemer of our nation’s wrongs
and fill our hearts with plaintiff, hopeful songs.
Confront the demons that divide
especially hateful prejudice and pride.
Rejoice, rejoice, Redemption’s Child, rejoice
and give all those who worship You one voice.

O come Fulfillment of what God has deemed
and satisfy creation’s deepest dreams.
Accomplish all that love demands
and bring about the peace that You have planned.
Rejoice, rejoice, Fulfiller of God’s heart
as we rejoice and sing “How Great Thou Art.”

tune: O Come, O Come Emmanuel