Gone with the Wind

Praying for Irma’s victims

Hurricanes bring wind and rain
regardless of their dreaded name.
They bring destruction, death and doom.
They bring us to our knees.

They bring reminders of the past
when warnings proved the dye was cast
and all that could be done was done
and all was not enough.

They bring to mind how weak we are
compared to what can lift a car.
They bring a chilling wave of fear
that knocks us off our feet.

Beside a name each has a face
that haunts the victims that they chase.
It is the face of heartless rage
that glares defiantly.

And when the winds have had their say
and we are left to weep and pray,
may we find words to voice our pain
for those who’ve been displaced.

O God, sustain the ones who grieve
for loved ones lost and homes they leave.
Restore their faith. Renew their hope.
Revive their hearts with love.