The Missing Message in Dunkirk

What would make a good movie great

Go see Dunkirk (the movie).
It’s an epic. And yet.
I left feeling bothered.
I had a regret.

The drama of history
(small boats from the west)
was not front and center.
Just background at best.

And George was forgotten.
The King’s call to prayer
was not even mentioned.
A blunderous error.

Do you know what happened
in Dunkirk that day?
Defeat was averted
because Britain prayed.

All England responded.
They called out to God.
And the clear English Channel
was draped in thick fog.

Hitler’s bombers were grounded.
George’s small boats were free
to bring back the stranded
across the dark sea.

‘Twas simply astounding.
The Brits were amazed.
The Germans were thwarted.
And God’s name was praised.

May we learn this lesson
and seek God through prayer.
He’s sovereign in history.
He rules everywhere.