Another Hurricane Named Harvey

Praying for a good outcome to a bad situation

A hurricane named Harvey
has destroyed where he has been.
This movie mogul’s damaged countless lives.
For decades he has victimized
those bruised by his abuse
(as well as his dear children and his wives).

Like storms that ravage homes and hearts
through power that they pack,
this macho hurricane has done the same.
Without regard for those he hurt,
he moved on like the wind.
But now (exposed) he deals with guilt and shame.

“Be sure your sin will find you out…”
God’s Word reminds us all.
What’s done in darkness will be brought to light.
There’s consequence to serving self.
Sins wages must be paid.
And justice will be served to make wrong right.

And yet we pray for Harvey
who has said he wants to change.
May knowledge of God’s mercy melt his heart.
May treatment and repentance
find this broken man restored
as Harvey finds (through faith) a brand new start.