The Dilemma of Dementia

A call to compassion

When someone you love doesn’t know that it’s you,
you die just a little unsure what to do.
But as their eyes smile and twinkle with joy,
you know that you still have a bond.

When someone you love has been robbed of their mind,
they say things that hurt you. They aren’t always kind.
But then you remember their memory is shot
and actions are fueled by their fear.

When someone you love is confused and afraid,
you suffer in silence but still wouldn’t trade
the gift of their presence and all that they are
and who they have been through the years.

When someone you love has forgotten your name,
you swallow your pride and then make it your aim
to be fully present, to reach for their hand
and gently remind them they’re loved.

*This poem is dedicated to the families with whom I am privileged to minister who are impacted by dementia