Divided Loyalties

Our right to votes unites us as Americans

The United States
are divided states
on each Election Day
as we together choose
who and what
will win and lose.

It’s a day we take sides
agreeing to disagree.
But in the taking of sides,
we stand on the side of Liberty.

Curiously, what divides us
is what unites us.
We may cancel out each other’s vote,
but in so doing we validate a dedicated value
that defines us as Americans.

We are free to vote our conscience and convictions.
With the silent stroke of a pen
of the pull of a lever,
we are free to vocalize our priorities.

Yes, divided loyalties are the privilege of a democracy.
May we never take for granted
the birthright granted us by our forefathers.

The right to vote
and the right to protest
are two rights that make
a wrong future less likely.