A Borderline Disorder

A prayer for our gun-crazed culture

We’ve a Borderline disorder
and it’s killing those we love.
And our gun-crazed culture is the most to blame.
Lord, please help us curb the madness.
This insanity must stop.
Our sorrow’s great, but greater still our shame.

Gun violence is rampant.
Seems mass shootings are the norm.
Somehow, someway reform must be pursued.
Buying weapons should be harder
than the ease with which it is.
Those with mental issues have to be refused.

Oh, dear God, be near the grieving
who cry out to You in pain.
Hold the hurting who, (with breaking hearts) despair.
Comfort moms and dads and siblings
who were robbed of final words.
Through Your Church’s acts of kindness prove You care.