All I Want for Christmas

Confessions of a grief-stricken grinch

It’s a season of joy
that my sorrow has found
as these silent nights trigger my grief.
A loved one has left us
since Christmas last year.
And my laughter is seldom and brief.

It’s the month of December
with carols and cards,
but my heart is too broken to care.
I’m lonely and anxious.
It feels like I’m lost.
A heaviness hangs in the air.

Traditions that moved me
for much of my life
(and music of Christmases past)
are trying my patience
and testing my faith.
How I wish that this month would go fast.

O God, all I want
for Christ’s birthday this year
is the gift of Your Presence and peace.
Please grant me the means
to embrace what I feel
’til the nightmares of sorrow will cease.

*This week’s poem is dedicated to my friends who have lost mates and parents this year and now face their first Christmas without them.