A Family Prayer for Thanksgiving

Contemplating our joys and sorrows as we gather

We gather as fam’ly
with gratitude, thankful
for freedoms our nation
has fought to preserve.
The freedom of worship,
of speech and to protest,
the freedom from fear
and from want so to serve.

We gather as fam’ly
united and trusting
a loving Creator
who cares for our needs.
We own our dependence
on One who shows mercy
to those undeserving
who long to succeed.

We gather as fam’ly
imperfect, forgiving
and loving each other
because we are one.
This day spent together
recalls many mem’ries
reminding us all
of the blessings we share.

Yes, Lord, we are grateful
in spite of the sorrow
that clouds this occasion
because of our grief.
In spite of a place
at the table that’s empty,
we feast knowing
our separation is brief.