We Cry for Justice

Uniting Christ followers in a biblical cause

We cry for justice when truth is ignored.
We advocate for the innocent poor.
We pray for mercy and model God’s grace.
We are God’s arms and God’s hands and God’s face.

We cry for justice when it’s been denied.
We stand with victims when they’ve been deprived.
We voice our protest when children are harmed.
We feel God’s anger and sound the alarm.

We cry for justice when crime seems to pay.
We resist leaders who lead us astray.
We fight for answers for those without homes.
We base our values in Scripture alone.

We cry for justice and make it our cause.
We work to override ungodly laws.
We ask each other “What would Jesus do?”
We won’t give up till our mission is through.

*I wrote these words mindful of Emmett Till’s birthday (July 25, 1941). They can be sung to the tune for “Be Thou My Vision.”