You Do the Math

Sweet and sour

Sweet home Alabama
may have been the title
of a popular movie last winter.
But that’s really not how you’d describe
the state of affairs in Montgomery
this past summer.
Sweet and sour would be more like it.
Or maybe even hot and spicy.
It’s been a dicey situation to say the least.
Two groups divided over ten commandments
have resulted in one nation, under God,
that is anything but indivisible.
But should that surprise anybody?
Though we admit our trust in Him on dollars
we gamble away in Vegas,
it’s a sure bet we’ve moved beyond
thinking we can publicly acknowledge
our dependence on a moral code
from which our legal system derives.
There is one exception, however.
Those who have a hard time
coming to terms
with the press God got in the past
are content to proudly display
the eleventh commandment.
“Thou shalt not refrain from rewriting history.”
But then again, whenever you try to combine
civil religion with Biblical faith,
the numbers never seem to add up.