Idol Conversations

Why American Idol frenzy is just a passing fancy

There is Idol conversation
at the Bucks and Mickey D’s.
Seems our country’s going ga-ga
over Hicks and Ms. McPhee.

When you’re ordering a latte
or a Big Mac without cheese,
chances are you’ve heard the chatter
like the buzz of worker bees.

After years this Fox sensation
has our nation by the tail.
We just love to watch young hopefuls
strut their stuff or croon and wail.

But the sad part of this saga
is that come a year from now
he or she who’s crowned the Idol
won’t be worshiped. None will bow.

What is must-see for the moment
is at best a passing fad.
Idol talk is idle treasure
that is worthless, trite and sad.