Kiss Today Goodbye

An IOU toast as Katie Couric leaves NBC for CBS

Today will never be the same
as Katie Couric trades her fame
from morning news to Rather-land
and 60 Minutes, too.

I think she hopes that CBS
will help her try to spell success.
And so she’s leaving Ann and Al
to play the letter game.

It all began at UVA.
With cap and gown and her BA.,
she hoped to shape the broadcast world
and prove a woman could.

At NBC she lost her J,
but Katie really earned an A
by doing what she did with class
while entering our hearts.

With Bryant Gumbel, then Matt Lauer,
she proved (though short) she has the power
to stand up to the right wing fringe
with whom she disagrees.

And even though she has her foes,
a level-headed viewer knows
that Katie Couric has a gift
that cannot be ignored.

Let’s raise a glass for Ms. KC.
For fifteen years on NBC,
for all she did to make Today
our early morning choice.