The Inflationary Cost of War

A somber analysis of the compounding dis-interest and hidden fees

As the war lingers longer
and the body count mounts,
our reporters imbedded are scared.
With Saddam still on trial
and bin Laden still loose,
our President’s pull is impaired.

With alleged retribution
by our stressed-out Marines,
recent gains have been gunned down by loss.
Abu Ghraib is like preschool
when compared to this crime.
We must curb war’s inflatable cost.

Lest we let others lull us
with excuses and such
that explain why this conflict goes on,
it is time that we lobbied
and turned up the heat
and insist that we win and be gone.

O dear God, all this bloodshed
must bring tears to your eyes.
Roadside bombs target women and youth.
Bring an end to this terror
and these inhumane acts
that pass off heinous lies as the truth.