Dr. Death is Free

But the price of his parole may prove costly

Kevorkian is out of jail.
He’s been paroled and still…
I can’t help wonder why he’s free
and who he yet might kill.

He’s Dr. Death. His stock in trade
is suicide assists.
This wolf in sheepskin should be feared.
There’s poison in his kiss.

He’s ruled like God though he’s a man.
Who gave this rogue the right?
That he would choose when life should end
is cause for chilling fright.

When health declines, he wrongly thinks
that life has lost its worth.
I wish he knew God is most real
when we share sorrow’s berth.

Our days are in His loving hands.
He’s proven true and tried.
So don’t be lured by Dr. Death’s
lame case for suicide.