The Father of the Bride

Advice to Coach Holmgren from his pastor

When you stand beside your daughter
and you hear the Wedding March,
I am guessing you’ll feel something
like a sliver in your heart.

Though you’re thrilled beyond description
that your baby’s now a bride
you will have a strange sensation
like an itch deep down inside.

It’s a bittersweetish splinter
that you cannot tweezer out
cause it’s wedged and twisted sideways.
It’s what good grief’s all about.

It’s a shard that’s caused by memories
of those precious years you had
planting seeds of faith and wisdom
as her mentor, as her dad.

It’s a sliver that you’ll live with.
You’ll thank God that it is there
for it’s just one more reminder
what you’ve shared is really rare.

This weekend the coach of the Seattle Seahawks will walk his fourth (and youngest) daughter down the aisle. This poignant verse was written by Coach Mike Holmgren’s pastor who will officiate the wedding ceremony.