That Certain Someone

A father’s love is a universal longing;
The Time is Right

There is a certain someone I’ve longed for all my life.

Someone to watch me catch the ball.
Someone to help me when I fall.
Someone to say “I know you tried.”
Someone to listen to my whys.
Someone to pay when I just can’t.
Someone to see things from my slant.
Someone to hold me when I’m scared.
Someone to make sure I’m prepared.

Someone who loves me yet says “no”
and when I protest lets me go.
Someone who waits till I return
and then inquires “Whaddya learn?”
Someone who knows me totally
and overlooks the worst in me.
Someone who takes me at my word
and doesn’t judge me as absurd.

Someone whose dealings are quite fair.
He arbitrates to clear the air.
Someone whose hugs aren’t always earned.
He never hoards the things he’s learned.
Someone whose friendship is for keeps.
He prays for me before he sleeps.
Someone whose patience won’t run dry.
He aches with me each time I cry.

This certain someone has a name
and though he’ll never dance with fame,
today I’m feeling mighty glad
that God gave me this one called dad.

The Time is Right

 Bob Barker’s well-deserved retirement comes with a price.

Five decades back
(ask Senor Wences),
Bob hosted Truth
or Consequences.

And even then
(his hair much darker)
we loved to watch
Roberto Barker.

As game show barker
he was best.
So Monty Hall
and all the rest

could not compete
or make a deal
the way The Price Is Right king

Bob bid contestants
“Come on down!”
while standing up
for basset hounds.

A dapper dresser,
Bob looked nice
while coaxing folks
to name their price.

From home I loved
to play along,
though most the time
my bid was wrong.

Still as I watched
The Price is Right,
my daily grind
seemed less uptight.

Bob Barker’s presence
on TV
recalled the good old days
for me.

But now those days
have come and gone.
The game show barker
isn’t on.

And so I pray
God gives him grace
as Bob prepares
for Life’s Showcase.