The New Ten Commandments

God’s rules of the road a la Rome

Since St. Chris has been demoted,
drive more cautious and concerned.
There are ten brand new commandments.
that the Pope wants us to learn.

Do not worship what you’re driving,
but take care of what you own.
Don’t use cars to leverage power.
Don’t drive talking on the phone.

Treat pedestrians as greater.
They deserve the right of way.
And be sure your eyes are open
if you feel inclined to pray.

Do not kill. Refrain from speeding.
Back seats aren’t for making out.
Do not drive if you’ve been drinking.
This new list leaves little doubt.

Holy smoke! Replace your muffler.
Holy cow! This is no bull.
Oh, for Heaven’s sake, be prudent.
Keep the rules. Don’t be a fool.

Ten commandments. Not suggestions.
Each designed with us in mind,
so we won’t be road-rage victims
or be driving blitzed and blind.