Gordon Brown’s Dilemma

How will Britain’s new Prime Minister vote on Iraq?

Number 10 on Downing Street
is now the Brown Hotel
There is a new Prime Minister
and we Yanks wish him well.

A Church of Scotland manse was home
to Gordon long ago.
This P M was a P K once
in pea-green wet Glasgow.

A preacher’s kid? in Parliament?
Prime Minister no less.
Let’s pray that means he’ll talk with God
about the Iraq mess.

His countrymen are up in arms
about the war they face.
A war that Tony handed him
most Brits think a disgrace.

A war that just keeps going on
and seems will never end.
And yet a war that can’t be won
without our allied friends.

A black mark on our President
is Gordon Brown’s concern.
Will he be yellow and pull out?
I guess we soon will learn.