A Northeast Super Bowl

Why the outcome is up for grabs;
A Prayer for Our Head of State

The frozen tundra, frigid air
and wind chill in Green Bay
proved not that bad for Eli’s team
It was the Giants day.

It was a day to earn the right
to play the Patriots.
And based on how they braved the cold,
the Giants have the guts.

But it will take much more than guts
to win the Super Bowl.
Tom Brady’s bunch have depth and skill.
They’re really on a roll.

And yet it’s hard to say for sure
who will at last succeed.
When Boston and New York compete,
the odds aren’t guaranteed.A Prayer for Our Head of State The state of the union
of all fifty states
is sure far from perfect
but still it is great.

Our leader is prayerful.
He works for our good.
If only his critics
could stand where he’s stood.

They’d judge him less harshly.
They’d give him more grace
in light of the stresses
he daily must face.

The state of his union
is fragile at best
with critics who rob him
of much needed rest.

And so, Lord, I’m praying…
“Help George finish strong.
Surround him, sustain him,
protect him from wrong.”