Questions for Miss Manners

Accounting for the casualties of an uncivil war

What’s happened to civility?
Miss Manners, where’s our dignity?
It seems our culture’s not inclined
to mind her “P”s and “Q”s.

Those raunchy, ugly campaign ads
were just plain wrong. They made me sad.
By slinging mud and spinning lies,
the winners even lost.

We’re not polite. We’re just plain crude.
We say “That sucks!” or “You are screwed!”
Miss Manners, it’s detestable.
We’re all a bunch of jerks.

We sue instead of work things out.
On cell phones calls we tend to shout
without regard to those nearby.
We litter shamelessly.

Civility is dead it seems.
We’re downright rude and often mean.
Who opens doors for those nearby?
Who offers to go last?

Profanity is everywhere.
It seems most people just don’t care.
The F bomb’s dropped without regard.
It’s an uncivil war.

Miss Manners, can we win this war
that’s left our wealthy country poor?
Is it too late to be polite
regaining what we’ve lost?